Located in Pasco, Washington tours are led through the park Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. At the park Wanapum Band of Native Americans recreated an authentic Wanapum village. Also at the park is the Sacajawea Interpretive Center which has interactive displays mapping out the journey of Lewis and Clark through the eyes of Sacajawea, the young indian woman who traveled with them.

Columbia Park is located on the right bank of the Columbia River. It’s 606 acres fall between Kennewick and Richland. Columbia Drive in the park was the first federal highway in the Northwest. Also located in the park is the Regional Veterans Memorial that was built to honor Tri-Cities veterans. Outdoor activities include water-skiing, camping, hiking and many others.

Located in Kennewick, Two Rivers Park is open all year round and all 273 acres is beautiful. It’s on the right bank of the Columbia River directly across the water from Sacajawea State Park. Fishers, swimmers and picnic goers are often seen on the shores of Two Rivers Park.

Volunteer park in located in downtown Pasco, Washington and takes up seven acres in the city. There’s something for everyone at volunteer park, if you’re looking for peace and quiet take a nice stroll through the mediation garden or shaded walkway. If you’re hungry check out the picnic lunch area. Take your kids to the playground and make it a family affair.

Chiawana park is located in Pasco, Washington along the Columbia River. It sports a playground, public boat launch, walking and bicycle paths, and sports setups like volleyball and horseshoes. The park encompasses 25 developed acres and is open every day 8 a.m. to sundown. it’s shelter facilities can be rented to groups, visit their website to book your next event.

Leslie Groves Park takes up 149.2 acres in Richland, Washington. Named after Lieutenant Leslie Richard Groves, a U.S. Army Officer who was mainly in charge of the building of the atomic bomb, which was partially developed at Hanford Site which is also located in Richland. Nature trails and bird-watching are two of the many attractions at this park.