Burlington is called “The Hub City” because of its location at the crossroads of I-5 and Highway 20. It’s well-known for the Cascade Mall, an impressive mall on the outskirts of the town. Shopping in Burlington has been labeled a retail paradise.

Visitors and locals look forward to the annual celebration of Berry Dairy Days, held in June or July each year. A highlight is the unveiling of the “World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake.” Held in the heart of the city, the festival features antique equipment, arts and crafts, interesting booths, horse rides and live entertainment to delight spectators. A vintage car show caps off this exciting day.

Late vacationers will like The Fall Harvest Festival held the first weekend in October. Food lovers enjoy the pie tasting competition, pumpkin pitch and salmon BBQ.

Just North of Burlington lies the scenic Avalon Golf Links which has hosted U.S. Qualifying Tournaments twice. Skagit Speedway provides family fun from April to September. Another fun-filled destination is the Skagit Valley Casino Resort with hotel accommodations and fascinating entertainment acts that keep patrons coming back for more.

It’s well worth a short trip to the Skagit Wildlife Recreation area if you are a bird watcher or duck hunter. These 13,000 acres hold the most heavily hunted spots for waterfowl in Western Washington.

Burlington, the fourth largest town in Skagit County, not only is famous for spectacular shopping but also the Skagit River, nearby lakes like Big Lake and Clear Lake. The town contains a number of pleasing parks. Both indoor and outdoor pursuits satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

Thank you Shirley Dever for the information!